Microsoft's GPS 'Avoid Crime-Ridden Areas' Feature For Walkers Raises A Stink (Then Go Get Mugged!)

January 13, 2012


AHAHHAHAHHAHA -- that's right by my house!

Microsoft recently patented a feature for GPS systems that allows pedestrians to choose a walking route that avoids crime-ridden and bad-weather areas and a bunch of folks are getting up in a huff about it because some jackass at CBS News Seattle dubbed it the "avoid ghetto" feature and now everybody thinks that's what it's called. You dummies.

More from a document filed with the United States Patent and Trademark Office: "A route can be developed for a person taking into account factors that specifically affect a pedestrian,"such as being in an unsafe neighborhood or in an area subject to harsh temperatures.

"What is unclear, at least from my reading of the patent -- which isn't written by anything resembling a human hand or mind -- is what kind of crime statistics the GPS might choose to use," writes Chris Matyszczyk of CNET.

Granted it would be Microsoft's responsibility to be diligent about the type of information they use to dub an area unsafe, but I really don't this is that bad an idea. I'd probably walk eight extra blocks to avoid an area notorious for muggings. I bet if it was nicknamed the "Batman's Parents Memorial App" people wouldn't be having such a f***ing problem with it.

Microsoft's 'avoid ghetto' patent destined for failure? [washingtonpost]

Thanks to GW's Lover, who -- oh God please tell me I'm not a disappointment.

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