Man Allowed In U.S. With Picture Of Passport On iPad

January 5, 2012


Martin Reisch was allowed to cross the US border from Canada after forgetting his passport because he just so happened to have a picture of it on his iPad. What the -- who the f*** 'just so happens' to have a picture of their passport on their iPad?! Terrorists -- that's who.

He had a scan of his passport on his iPad, and he had forgotten his real one at home, which was two hours away. He was delivering some gifts for the kids of a friend. After a few minutes of deliberation, the border officer gave him permission to enter the US. He was also allowed to leave the US with the same iPad passport.

Wow, and I can't go anywhere without some TSA agent who thinks I'm handsome sticking their hand up my ass and this guy crosses borders like he's playing f***ing hopscotch. Admittedly though, I probably would have let him pass too -- no terrorist would fake a passport with a picture of themselves THAT LOOKS LIKE SATAN TRYING TO STEAL THE PHOTOGRAPHER'S SOUL. That said, I once traveled from Canada to the U.S. with no passport at all -- just a sailboat full of weed. 'The Green Lady' I called her. She got sunk by pirates years later. Jk jk -- insurance fraud. Ssshhhhhhh!

iPad Used as Passport to Cross US Border [technabob]

Thanks to ForeverAlone, who may or may not be going through a breakup.

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