Macho Dragon: The Randy Savage Skyrim Mod

January 9, 2012


Because why not, somebody went and made a Macho Man Randy Savage Skyrim mod featuring dragons with a Macho Man head and pink pants. Plus they yell, "OH YEAH!" before burninating you with fire. I wouldn't f*** with him, that's for sure. He would snap me like a twig. "You mean a Slim Jim?" Did I SAY Slim Jim? I said TWIG. "Yeah but Macho Man lov--" *BODYSLAM!*

Hit the jump for the video and a link to the mod download. Also, GTFO of here with that stupid 'Disco Inferno' track.

Mod Download Page [skyrimnexus]
Macho Man Randy Savage Dragon Mod Hilariously Terrorizes Skyrim [obviouswinner]

Thanks to Keanan, Gerry and d0_0b, who have killed more Hulk Hogan dragons than you could shake a stick at. Get it? Because the first one would eat you!

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