LOLWUT?: AudioQuest's 3-Foot, $1,100 HDMI Cable

January 9, 2012


Because Monster Cables was monopolizing the ridiculously overpriced and under-performing cable market, here's AudioQuest's entry: a 3.3-foot, $1,096 HDMI connector. That's $332/foot! What makes it so special? It's made entirely out of urethras No f***ing clue. Oh, wait:

This HDMI cable features a Dielectric-Bias System that reduces distortion and 100% Perfect-Surface Silver conductors for improved signal clarity. The Direct-Silver-plated HDMI connectors provide a simple connection and durability.

Of course -- a dielectric-bias system and perfect-surface silver conductors. Noooooooo, that doesn't sound like a stinking bag of bullshit. Anybody who buys one of these deserves to be strangled with it. Seriously, 3.3-feet? You should hold out for at least a 6-footer.

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Thanks to Matthew, who drops tips on Geekologie's Facebook page instead of email because his internet mailman is addicted to meth and opens people's packages.

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