Landspeeder: Star Wars'd Out 1979 Dodge Ram Van

January 11, 2012


"Psst, GW -- want some free candy?" I wish, I'm trying to watch my weight. "Oh come on." Really, I can't, I'm already borderline diabetic. "Wanna take a ride in my Star Wars van?" ...Just give me two minutes to ditch my mom in Target.

THe 4 foot wide X wing has just set off the chain reaction that destroys the Death Star and is flying RIGHT AT YOU, casting its own shadow.... Vader is pissed...

This van started out as a lovingly cared for custom van. When I got it, the headers, flares, front spoiler, and dash tach were still there. I am only the third owner. It had a custom interior at one time but much of it had been removed and the van sat for a while. It came with lots of spares and ran great. It was the perfect blank slate........ We got busy. The force was with us.

This van collects a crowd wherever I go. I seriously underestimated the public reaction this vehicle would get. Kids point, mouths gape, even had a cop turn around and pull over to have his picture made with it.

The van is being sold on eBay for $9,000, which, if you do the math, is $8,600 more than I've got. Want to go in on it with me? You pony up the rest, then we'll alternate ownership on weekends. I'll even let you have the first one! "You're gonna hide your little brother in the back and call the cops on me, aren't you?" Then buy it back at police auction? Yes.

Hit the jump for a bunch of closeups and a link to the eBay auction so you can buy it.







eBay Auction
Star Wars Van Is Ideal for the Kessel Run [neatorama]

Thanks to Gregory, who insists his minivan is still megafun even though it's on cinderblocks in his driveway. What do do, play in it like a treefort? Count me in!

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