It's Coming Right At Me!: Dove Flight In Super Slow-Mo

January 20, 2012


This is a video of a dove getting its flippity-flap on right at the camera in super slow-motion. It looks like an angel. Just kidding, it looks like it's about to drop a white and purpleberry payload on your favorite dress shirt. True story: one time a seagull shat right on my head when I was dolphin watching on a boat in Florida. Back me up, Merman -- you were there. "Tickle my salty seaballs first." What the -- I don't care if they believe me that much.

Hit the jump for this video and another worthwhile one of a dove taking off from the side with a wack-ass choice of soundtrack.

High-speed videography reveals the beauty of dove flight [io9]

Thanks to bb, who actually IS an angel and doesn't fly anything like that (she uses a jetpack).

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