It's About Time: Company Designs Site-Specific Camo

January 13, 2012


Because those forest green camo shorts don't hide you on the street as well as you'd like to imagine, a North Carolina company is now designing site-specific camouflage using satellite imagery and drone/ground recon. ZOMG -- tell me you can make me look like a women's sauna.

Additionally because the patterns are created from photos that have been taken at different focal lengths it inhibits depth perception -- making it more challenging for the brain to see the camouflaged surfaces as a single object.

The camouflage may even receive a further upgrade, with the software firm applying for a patent on an "adaptive" material consisting of a vinyl substrate, a flexible image display that could adjust to the environment, and thermoelectric panels that could modify the soldier's heat signature.

Whoa whoa whoa, that sounds like quite a jump -- going from printed cloth to morphing adaptive camo with thermoelectrics that can modify a soldier's heat signature? You do know you're not going to be able to make those on the same machinery as the cloth camo, right? Thankfully, I've got just the technology you need -- only $2,000,000. "Is that what I think it is?" Depends, what do you think it is? "An Easy-Bake Oven taped to a sewing machine?" Maybe. Just give me a cool mill, I like your bulge smile.

Special ops dream: next-gen camo to be site-specific [dvice]

Thanks to Brian, who hides the old fashioned way: covering his eyes and humming "la la la -- you can't see me!" (I think he's four)

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