It Exists: Custom Infiniti 'N BYOND' License Plate

January 24, 2012


On last week's Legend of Zelda license plate post I jokingly suggested tipster Macky had an Infiniti and 'N BEYOND' custom plate and, not that surprisingly, somebody in Manitoba has one. No word if they have an entire Toy Story playset arranged on their dash, but you and I both know they'd be foolish not to.

Thanks to benzo, whose friend allegedly took the picture. Me? I took my neighbor's newspaper this morning.

  • Dyrge

    Unfortunately I didn't get to snap a pic of it, but yesterday I saw a yellow mini cooper with the license plate of Sheldon. It also had a stickers with Sheldon's head and the word Bazinga on it.

  • All these personalized plate make me want one. I have a kia soul, there is just so much potential.

  • Corrin Christopher

    There is also one in Wisconsin. I saw it on the freeway once.

  • Yeah! Manitoba! Somehow I doubt they'll give that up to get a Blue Bombers or Winnipeg Jets license plate!

  • Sadness personified.

  • Nothing beats my GOATSE license plate.

  • Yeah, my girlfriend found one of these in Toronto and suggested I do it for my license plate, but I thought that my car was toolish enough w/o the custom plate.

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