Iron Man Cosplay On A Budget. Like A $0 Budget

January 12, 2012


Halt citizen -- you do not want pictures of her. That is a man in a pink wig.

Because conventions are expensive enough to attend, sometimes you don't have any money left over for a costume. Aaaaaaaaand this is what happens -- you wind up wearing your PJ's and some yellow ribbon. Listen -- when packing tape is the most expensive part of your costume it is time to reevaluate your life as a cosplayer. Kidding, this guy probably wound up going home with catwoman. "The girl wearing a trashbag with two spoons taped to her head?" Yep -- they're gonna have babies together! "You mean kittens?" Iron kitties.

The Best Piece of Crap Iron Man Cosplay Suit Ever Created [obviouswinner]

Thanks to bb and Terry, who've both been cosplaying as my friends. Wait -- you guys aren't for real?!

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