'If I Die' App Publishes A Pre-Recorded Message To Your Facebook Friends After You Croak

January 18, 2012


'If I Die' is a Facebook app that allows you to record a video or written message prior to kicking the bucket, then uploads it to your profile after three friend "trustees" verify your death. What's going to stop them from getting together and publishing it prior to you actually dying? God, nothing I hope! I WANT THE DIRT. Also, don't you think it's a little vain to think people will care about what you have to say on Facebook after you're dead? I mean nobody even gives a shit now! Oh really? Is the traffic really bad today? SHUT THE F*** UP. Even your mom unsubscribed to your news feed and she only joined Facebook in the first place to keep an eye on you!

Hit the jump for a couple crappy videos and a link to the app so you too can flash your privates post-mortem.

App Page on Facebook
Official Site

Thanks to Weaselmouse, stephen, Cherry84, IMMORTAL and Bear, who all recorded messages that begin, "if you're listening to this, the Illuminati have finally gotten me..."

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