I Just Swallowed Earth!: Planetary Chocolates

January 11, 2012


Ever wanted to pretend you were a black hole and gobble up all the planets in our solar system? Who hasn't? Playing space is FUN. And now you're in luck, because Japanese chocolatier L'éclat is selling these sets of solar system chocolates. Every $50 set comes in an outerspace themed box and each handpainted planet is a different flavor. Mmmm, let me try one. *pops in mouth* What the -- this planet tastes like shit! "That's Uranus." I'm out of TP!

Hit the jump for a description of each flavor and a link to the Japanese product site in case you can afford to drop $50 on a box of chocolates you're not sure if you're supposed to eat or put on display.


Product Site
Mmm Tastes Like Uranus: Chocolate Planets [incrediblethings]

Thanks to JLP, who has candy nipples and said I could lick them. OMG, please tell me they're everlasting gobstoppers!

  • Stephanie Hazeem

    rum raisin? wtf?

  • syzygy

    Because Pluto in not a planet anymore!!!... http://en.wikipedia.org/wik...

  • Chocogirl58

    Unfortunately this company is famous for taking other chocolatiers ideas including their name. Enric Rovira in Spain first did this with planets years ago and looks Stellar (no pun intended). It's unfortunate that this company cannot create their own ideas.

  • There needs to be a Pluto. Then I would buy it!

  • Uranus's flavor is milk probably that's the reason you didn't liked it. Well as per the ingredients I am sure that Neptune and Jupiter will taste awesome. I just love Cappuccino!

  • .... Where's Pluto!!!

  • I'd like to know how Uranus tastes like.

  • Bernard Eirrol Tugade

    ur anus taste like milk!

  • I wish these were different sized compared to each other. Then Jupiter could be the biggest jawbreaker anyone's ever seen.

  • Guest

    mmm....I bet Earth has a soft creamy center.

  • disqus_c3ItWqyNqm

    [insert Uranus in myanus joke here]

  • Shelbon

    They look more like bouncy-balls than planets

  • The Goyo

    Saturn looks like a hamburger ball, Jupiter looks like a star, Mercury should be gray, Neptune should be blue, Mars should be rust colored.  Venus looks good.   Pluto has been demoted people, deal with it.

  • Matt Soup Foley

    Uranus Milk aside, there's no Pluto, ergo the set is incomplete IMO

  • Davidsadi

    whoever hand painted these didnt bother to look in an a astronomy book... since when is Jupiter deep red and neptune milky white?

  • Frédéric Purenne

    Wrong colors and pluto is missing, that's SO NOT worth 50$, it is poor craftsmanship!

  • Expensive and painted by people who have never see a photo of any of the planets (including   Earth).
    Still, chocolate...yummy!

  • $15762351

    These descriptions blow my mind. "I enjoy the mouth of the gangway"... "milk chocolate blended with UVA"... What?

  • Where the $#@! is Pluto? 

  • Guest

    These look delicious! But $50? I'd pay $15...tops. Plus, Mars is red and Neptune is blue..I guess they didn't get the memo. (Can't help but laugh about Uranus' taste and description)

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