I Call Red Ranger!: Custom Power Ranger Hoodies

January 26, 2012


I'm not sure if I was too old to be, but I did watch some Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers growing up. *Wikipedia-ing* Okay it started in '93, so I was probably watching from like, 12 to 15. That's not too bad, right? Actually, don't answer that. Riddle me this instead: what's a good excuse to give your parole officer for missing a meeting? That's not actually a riddle by the way, I really need to come up with something. RangerBoard forum user Shoebasket is selling these custom-made Power Ranger hoodies for $110 a pop. Although I'm not sure if the shiny red ranger costs more than the rest but I'd assume so BECAUSE SPARKLES DO NOT COME CHEAP. And neither do I. You might think I'd be a cheap date but that's where you're wrong. I will up-size the everliving shit out of that #4.

Hit the jump for a couple product close-ups and a video review (with bonus cat!) from a happy buyer.




Power Ranger Sweatshirt hoodies [rangerboard] (with contact info to order)
Custom Power Rangers Hoodies [fashionablygeek]
Custom Power Rangers Hoodies of the Day [geeks.thedailywh.at]

Thanks to delo, Mark and Christina88, who agree they should include integrated masks. Yeah -- f*** seeing!

  • Nixy Be

    They are $50 at Amozon

  • hola me podrian decir como los puedo comprar

  • OmG!!! i want the pink one!!! i will pay any price!!!

  • I definitely want to find a way to order one for my boyfriends birthday, but the site is disabled. Any other routes to making an order?

  • stephanie eylar

    So flippin' AMAZING!!

  • jumpmanali

    where can i purchase this?

  • Black Ranger 
    where I can buy and how much is the value

  • Can you give me information for the purchase of a hooded black power ranger. And as would be the shipping, since I'm in Venezuela. 

  • jonkelley127112

    how might i buy a orange one?

  • jonkelley127112

    how do i buy one :D in orange?

  • These hoodies would be pretty cool if they weren't so expensive.

  • Taylor Rowland

    i call greeny!
    everyone knows that  dragons are the best

  • Huntley Woods

    Guys $110 for something custom and handmade is not a lot!

  • yes it is. but apparently its 85 now.

     first off, even tho this designer is investing time into crafting these  awesome and really cool sweatshirts by hand, and presumably by himself, he is still profiting off the intellectual design of the power rangers outfit. I'm pretty sure that the guy who designed the sweat shirt had NOTHING to do with creating the power rangers, or any of the japanese shows that power rangers ripped off. while he may not be putting the 'animals' design on the front, or the power rangers logo anywhere, and he gives a disclaimer that its not affiliated with the show, he is selling the sweatshirt with the intention of 'fooling' others. he should be served with a cease and desist order by Saban inc.

  • Huntley Woods

    If you don't like it, don't buy it. It's not like they're making official ones, which these clearly aren't, and there's obviously a demand for them. They're fan made out of love to resemble them, plus you can't copyright fashion.

  • must resist temptation

  • Powerhoodiez

    they are $85 plus shipping. I wish whoever put this image together had the right info :-/  orders@powerhoodiez.com

  • CLASSY tights

  • not worth 110$

  • Emmitt Morgans

    White Ranger or GTFO

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