Homemade: Fan-Sourced Star Wars Reboot Finished

January 23, 2012


If you didn't already catch it this weekend, this is the 2-hour director's cut of Star Wars: Uncut, the 15-seconds-at-a-time fan sourced (each fan was responsible for making a different 15-second scene) Star Wars: A New Hope remake. Now I didn't have time to watch the whole thing this morning, but from what I gathered a lot more scenes were shot in people's garages than I remember from the original. Granted I can't say I'm surprised. Get it? I've never seen the original!

Hit the jump for two hours of Star Wars on zero budget. Bonus points if you manage to watch the whole thing at work. Suck it, the man!

Official Site

Thanks to Adryisgreat, simon, Ben, Lucas (presumably not George) and chublover, who agree this thing blows the prequels out of the water.

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