Highly Questionable: The "Magical" Unicorn Mask

January 19, 2012


I wasn't going to post this because it's just a unicorn mask, but I keep getting the tip and I'm your slave so...unchain me from radiator? I swear I won't try to escape. Introducing Archie McPhee's "magical" unicorn mask. Magical -- or creepy as a man in a diaper? Because I don't see anything coming out of a meeting with somebody wearing this thing but regret. LOTS of it. OMG so we came back from the bar and I think I asked my girlfriend to wear the unicorn mask while we were having sex. Was I too into it? Does she think I'm weird now? WHY IS THE HORN BROWN?!

Hit the jump for a full body shot of somebody in pink fur lederhosen modeling the thing.


Product Site
Magical Unicorn Mask & Cult of Unicorn by Archie McPhee [laughingsquid]

Thanks to jake, Alice and Cargo Shorty, who agree it would be even more magical if it shot Lucky Charms marshmallows out of the mouth but not in a pukey way.

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