"Growing" Furniture Out Of Plastic And Magnets

January 12, 2012


Dutch designer Jólan van der Wiel made these stools with magic by mixing iron filings with molten plastic and creating the legs by "pulling" them up using magnets. When the plastic hardens, BAM -- you've got yourself a stool. "What the -- I'm not milking cows, who the hell sits on a stool anymore?" Who sits on a stool anymore?!?! What the hell do you think I'm blogging from? "The toilet." Haha, you have no idea how many articles I've written from here. "All of them?" Every single one.

Hit the jump for a pictorial of the process.





Gallery: funky furniture 'grown' with magnets defy gravity [dvice]

Thanks to Vicky, who allegedly has a levitating chair but it looks suspiciously like a regular one with a tablecloth draped over it so you can't see the legs.

  • quite a unique way of making furniture, wether it wil catch on only time will tell

  • Finally, a decent barad-dur style stoo

  • Wow, that's pretty impressive. Very different and very back to nature, I really like it, it seems quite gothic and reminds me of a dark Alice in Wonderland style furniture.

  • Monochromatyczny Wojownik

    Finally, a decent barad-dur  style stool for the Ork masses

  • you can certainly take a stool sample from that!!! (it's a piece of shit if you didn't get it)

  • Chris

    My ankles cringe at the sight of those spikes.

  • Guest

    That's pretty nice, they do look more like mushrooms than jellyfish (from Mr. Scalisi's earlier comment)...

  • This is one of the worst ideas anyone has ever had.

  • Guest

    Do want!

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