Great: Scientists Genetically Modify Giant Mutant Ants

January 6, 2012


ORIGINAL IMAGE REMOVED AT REQUEST OF OWNER. Google image search "super soldier ants" to see the actual thing.

inb4 I for one welcome our new picnic ruining overlords.

Scientists dabbling in ant genes (me? I only dribble in my Levi's) have found a way to turn normal soldier ants into "supersoldiers" with giant f***ing heads and pincers by activating the ancient genetic trait with a special hormone. You know, because that's exactly we need. Starship Troopers here we come!

Authors Dr Rajendhran Rajakumar, from McGill University, Canada, and colleagues wrote: 'We uncovered an ancestral development potential to produce a novel supersoldier subcaste that has been retained throughout a hyperdiverse ant genus that evolved 35 to 60 million years ago.'

The results suggest that holding on to ancestral development toolkits may play an important role in evolving new physical traits, say the researchers.

Well damn, Dr. Rajakumar, you think you could have dumbed that down a little? I'm not exactly the sharpest crayon in the box if you know what I mean. Do you know what I mean? I mean I'm a colored pencil the box didn't come with one of those sharpeners on the back. Oh great, now I'm melting in the sun.

Welcome to a brave new world: Genetic scientists create freakish man-made monster ants with huge heads and jaws [dailymail]

Thanks to Davey, Nick W, JoeLickASac, Turbo Dave and Seb, who have every intention of riding one of these things into battle.

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