Great, Now I'm Cross-Eyed: Tokyoflash's Latest

January 25, 2012


This is Tokyoflash's latest design, the $179 Kisai Optical Illusion. Clever name. The time is always visible by training your eyes to pick out the bars that are traveling in the opposite direction as all the others. Oooooooor by cheating and pushing the touchscreen so the rest just disappear. You see the picture there? All three examples show the same time, 05:36. I stared at it for a solid five minutes like a f***ing Magic Eye book and was convinced it read 'KILL YOUR NEIGHBOR' before I was finally able to see it. "It actually does say kill your neighbor." I knew it! *running out with kitchen knife*

Hit the jump for a couple more pics, a few examples of different times and the answers, and a video of the watch in action.




Tokyoflash Product Site

  • Kittie Peters

    I'd wear the shit out of that. I actually can read this one. Usually I don't have a damn clue what the tokyoflash watches say.

    Also, you should just give me one. I'd take a picture of me topless with "I WUB GW" on my tits (with the watch on).

  • Dark Chib

    Screen back is far to thick, the concept looks more balanced. Concept is amazing, actual no thanks at £120

  • Guest it seems that I'm able to see it. Cheat: Look in middle & give me several pounds.

  • We can haz givawae? O_o

  • Woah! Makes your eyes go a little funny, but I like it.

  • I'd be happy to take this off of your hands (wrist) if you didn't want it... just saying

  • Shane Anderson

    Do i hear another... Contest Giveaway Extrava-Bonanza?!?

  • Whoa trippy. I couldn't see sh*t but then I crossed my eyes juuuust a little bit and blurred them and the numbers pop right out at you.

  • Leonidas Argidisouvlaki

    I take it "Kisai" is Japanese for "epileptic fit".

  • Peter Bourque

    I would get it for the people who always ask you the time. Then you show them your watch and then  see what kind of expression they give.

  • mecartistrónico

    It reminded me of this: which is how I got away with playing Tetris at the office.

  • why would anyone want this... first btw.. must take some getting use to.

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