Granny Gamer: Crazy Swearing Old Lady Plays Skyrim

January 4, 2012


WARNING: Contains pirate language and potential spoilers for the Dark Brotherhood quests.

This is an artistically shot video of somebody's grandma playing Skyrim and swearing her face off (easy does it, granny -- one more f-bomb and that face is GONE). She...might be a witch. Plus she doesn't have very many teeth. You'd think with all the cursing she would have had her mouth washed out with soap enough to save some but NOPE. "I like the way she licks her lips." You're f***ing nasty. "I'd rub her feet while she plays." I SAID STOP!

Hit the jump for the never too old to game or cuss at a television in action. Note: If youre into it, follow the link back to brobro's Youtube channel to see her playing everything from God of War to Final Fantasy to Dead Space.

Youtube (check out dude's other videos for a ton more geriatric gaming action)
Foul-Mouthed Grandma Plays Skyrim [buzzfeed]

Thanks to Stephan, who doesn't let his grandma play video games because it makes her blood pressure go through the roof.

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