Girl Pronounces Any Word Backwards In 3-Seconds

January 31, 2012


This is a video of a girl with a blue streak in her hair who can allegedly pronounce any word backwards in less than three seconds (NOTE: pronounced as it would be spelled backwards, not the forward pronunciation PLAYED backwards). Is she an idiot-savant? Just a blonde? What kind of job opportunities are there for a backwards-pronouncer? Whaboumumblh? "What the f*** you say?!" I said 'WHAT ABOUT A MUMBLER?' you insensitive dick. I also stutter when I get excited, you gonna make fun of me for that too?

Hit the jump for the WTF'ery in action, along with a reversed video even though that's not what she was going for (although a lot of the words still do sound alike).


Thanks to Michelle and coug, who're both convinced reverse English is totally gonna be the new pig Latin.

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