For Sale: Entirety Of Moby Dick Typed On Toilet Paper

January 26, 2012


eBay seller the_heppcat is selling the six rolls of TP he used to painstakingly hand-typed the entirety of Herman Melville's Moby Dick. Huh? Yes for real, people are f***ing weird (links to the tampon Mona Lisa to prove my point).

My friend and I once joked that toilet paper should have instructions printed on them for certain people.

One day, the conversation grew from there and turned into a wager that i couldn't (or wouldn't) be able to type out a novel on toilet paper.

Yes, we did have some time on our hands but, as you can see from the photos, I won the bet.

I've kept this mod oddity in a box in a cool, dry place for the last 10 years
and have only broken it out to prove to doubters that I actually did it.

I'm not sure what's up with the skinny roll but my guess is somebody edited a few chapters if you know what I mean. No? You don't know what I mean? Jesus, I'm talking about wiping -- you should really try it sometime.

Hit the jump for some closeups and a link to the eBay auction (bidding starts at $200 but there's a reserve).





eBay Auction
Moby Dick toilet paper goes up for auction on eBay for a whopping £650 [metro]

Thanks to Giant Woman / Sarah and zane, who only write on TP with what nature intended: scented magic markers.

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