First Photos Of The Near-Extinct Snub-Nosed Monkey

January 11, 2012


A face not even a great-grandmother could love.

Seen here looking like something out of a survival horror video game, a group of recently discovered and near extinct snub-nosed monkeys are captured on film for the first time (previously: a Photoshop rendition). Clearly they're not endangered because of the pet trade.

Heavy snows in January and constant rain in April made expeditions to set the camera traps difficult. "We were dealing with very tough conditions in a remote and rugged area that contained perhaps fewer than 200 monkeys," said Jeremy Holden, who led the camera trapping team. "We didn't know exactly where they lived, and I didn't hold out much hope of short term success with this work." But in May a small group of snub-nosed monkeys walked past one of the cameras and into history. "We were very surprised to get these pictures," said Saw Soe Aung, a field biologist who set the cameras. "It was exciting to see that some of the females were carrying babies - a new generation of our rarest primate."

The monkeys, who are limited to a small range in Myanmar near China, are endangered due to habitat loss and hunting. Hunting -- or shooting because you thought it was a demon coming to steal your soul? Because one time I spent a whole night posted up in my bedroom window shooting zombies with a BB gun and calling 911 until the cops showed up and told me it was Halloween. My bad!

Hit the jump for the faceless Michael Jackson tribute monkey.


First images of newly discovered primate [physorg]
First Ever Photos of Rare, Critically Endangered Myanmar snub-nosed monkey [geekosystem]

Thanks to Brant, who doesn't hunt anymore after accidentally shooting a friend. Hey, it happens.

  • Guest

    The blue-faced snub-nosed monkeys are just even weirder...

  • rftghnfghnjfgh



  • Monochromatyczny Wojownik

    a face that only Voldemort could love...

  • I believe it is just a particular brand of Snub-Nosed monkey that these are the first pictures of. Searching "Snub-Nosed Monkey" in Google will give you a ton of horrific and much more colorful pictures

  • Shawn Bibby

    what money man would want that as their monkey woman?

  • artilleryboy

    well they arent very good looking

  • " ...Myanmar near China..." So Burma then.

  • Doug Eldridge

    awesome, those should haunt mydreams worse than the things on stilts from time bandits.

  • JimmyThr

    damn monkeys think they're better than me

  • brb im going hunting.

  • energysnake

    *Michael Jackson joke*

  • Quit "Monkeying Around" GW ;D

  • BTW this isnt the first ever footage/photos of the monkeys

    there was a special exploration of china national geographic episode, I seen em on there. always cool pics tho

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