First Glimpse Of The LEGO Lord Of The Ring Minifigs

January 25, 2012


Ring?! That's a f***ing bracelet!

This is the first good glimpse of all the good guys from the upcoming Lord of the Rings LEGO sets. No real surprises, although it wouldn't have killed them to make Aragorn a little more handsome. But is that gonna stop me from putting Gandalf's beard on him and using its bristly magic to make all the minifigs disappear into my butt? It is not. "Make sure you leave room for a Balrog." Ha, there will ALWAYS be room for a Balrog.

Your First Good Look at the LEGO Lord of the Rings Minifigs [kotaku]

Thanks to Dade and The Superficial Writer, both of whom have had waaaaaay more action figures in their asses than they'd like to admit.

  • this is great :D

  • When they make the small minifigs - like the hobbits here - their legs don't bend. They'll never be able to sit down properly.
    Poor Frodo!

  • Victor van Schagen

    That ring is tiny. If there has ever been any LEGO brick  as prone to getting lost as this one will be, I don't know it. They better include extras in the box.

  • Nolan Bentley

     My mind was just blown from the idea of "extras" of the "one ring to rule them all"

  • Fake : the Dwarf is hiding. 

  • Guest

    Lord of the Bracelet. ah, had to...nobody else would really mention it right?

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