Felted Reproduction Of Fantastic Four Comic Cover

January 6, 2012


Note: Comparison shot of the original vs. felted cover after the jump.

This is a felted reproduction of the Fantastic Four #51 Jack Kirby comic book cover from 1966. It...looks pretty comfortable. Can you imagine if all comic books were this soft? I would sleep on them. "You'd sleep on anything." It's true, one time I passed out on the hood of a neighbor's car. Which... holy shit I'm a cat. "Shut up GW, you're not a cat." Meow?

Original vs. felted shot after the jump.


D. Campbell MacKinlay covers Fantastic Four 51 [coveredblog]
Felted Fantastic Four Cover [neatorama]

Thanks to TRAQ, who agrees the best pillow is a lover's body. *patting chest* WELL COME AND GET IT.

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