Feds Shut Down File-Hosting Giant Megaupload, Anonymous Goes On A Website Killing Spree

January 20, 2012


So yesterday the feds busted up Megaupload, the "50-million+ daily visits and 4% of all web traffic" file-hosting website for SURPRISE! copyright infringement (among other things). Then hacker collective Anonymous, displeased with the fed's operation, decided to go on a website killing spree, taking down the FBI, Department of Justice, Recording Industry of America, Motion Picture Association of America, BMI, Universal Music, and other related sites with quickly orchestrated distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks (basically pounded a server with access requests until it shits the bed). Oh God please don't do Geekologie next. So, yeah -- no word what's gonna happen to RapidShare, Box, FileSonic, FileFactory, uPload, Wupload, 4shared, Oron, Badongo, DepositFiles, Uploading, zShare, FileServe, MediaFile, MediaFire or Hotfile. But me? I already know what's gonna happen to me. I'm gonna get rich making and selling mix-tapes out the trunk of my car. Come over quick and bring boomboxes!

Feds Kill Megaupload [gizmodo]
Anonymous Goes on Megaupload Revenge Spree: DoJ, RIAA, MPAA, and Universal Music All Offline [gizmodo]
Feds Shutter Megaupload, Arrest Executives [wired]

Thanks to everyone who sent this in, the majority of which expressed a real concern with where their next porn-fix was gonna come from. IT'S THE INTERNET PEOPLE, NOT PRISON (not yet anyways).

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