Feds Shut Down File-Hosting Giant Megaupload, Anonymous Goes On A Website Killing Spree

January 20, 2012


So yesterday the feds busted up Megaupload, the "50-million+ daily visits and 4% of all web traffic" file-hosting website for SURPRISE! copyright infringement (among other things). Then hacker collective Anonymous, displeased with the fed's operation, decided to go on a website killing spree, taking down the FBI, Department of Justice, Recording Industry of America, Motion Picture Association of America, BMI, Universal Music, and other related sites with quickly orchestrated distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks (basically pounded a server with access requests until it shits the bed). Oh God please don't do Geekologie next. So, yeah -- no word what's gonna happen to RapidShare, Box, FileSonic, FileFactory, uPload, Wupload, 4shared, Oron, Badongo, DepositFiles, Uploading, zShare, FileServe, MediaFile, MediaFire or Hotfile. But me? I already know what's gonna happen to me. I'm gonna get rich making and selling mix-tapes out the trunk of my car. Come over quick and bring boomboxes!

Feds Kill Megaupload [gizmodo]
Anonymous Goes on Megaupload Revenge Spree: DoJ, RIAA, MPAA, and Universal Music All Offline [gizmodo]
Feds Shutter Megaupload, Arrest Executives [wired]

Thanks to everyone who sent this in, the majority of which expressed a real concern with where their next porn-fix was gonna come from. IT'S THE INTERNET PEOPLE, NOT PRISON (not yet anyways).

  • Good work! Thanks for post.

  • First of all; Kim Schmitz is a greedy MoFo who needs to be put in jail. His intention to create sites like Megaupload has nothing to do with a free internet. Its just money he has in mind. I wont get in the arena for such a douche.

    And also it seems to me that Anonymous turns already into a bunch of self-righteous assholes who are so narrowminded that they just are able to react to some buzz phrase like "Internetsite got shut down by FBI ? DDOS that bastards !"

  • Trojanman

    Like a bad episode of family guy, what the FBI dont understand they want to destroy, they still call the internet, the intermaweb, they think the internet is some kind of sorcery of the blackest magic. for more walls they put up the more we will find another way

  • HackTheGibson

    Never sped, j-walked...? He was saying punish the person committing the crime, not everyone.

  • Nathan Means

    You obviously are very bitter about the "YEARS of their life in misery, just for the CHANCE of making it." I am an artist, not digital, but an artist none the less, and I fully support the so-called theft that is piracy. It's all fine and well to say that all artists wish to "make it," but that statement is plain ignorant; I create art to inspire myself, to free myself from the stresses of life, not some vapid attempt at being the next big thing. Money means about as much as the cotton its printed on; its got its uses, but it is not everything. Do I wish for recognition and pay for my hard work, sure, but would I be proud if I saw someone's printed-off copy of a drawing or painting I've done? Of course, because that means they are interested, even if they are not affluent enough to purchase. As another poster mentioned earlier, if I enjoy the music that I've downloaded, I will purchase their album(s); sorry for not blindly purchasing based on choppy radio music or the 30 second previews on Itunes/Amazon. Besides, if I want to hear any song, regardless of the musicians, I can find it on the internet, whether streaming or download. Tell me how downloading a song and adding it to your collection is any different from visiting a video for the song on youtube multiple times a day?

  • I need the #refref download.. a local website needs to be squashed for a few hours.

  • Let me guess Rick works for Riaa? 

  • Anonymous reminds me of Sherman's army..  'BREAK EVERYTHING'!

  • It's not breaking, it's fixing.

  • I don't support PIPA or SOPA. I support MORAL DECISION MAKING.  Don't steal music. It IS theft. It DOES hurt musicians and the quality of music. 

    We don't need the feds to come in and tell us what's right and what's wrong. You need to make those choices on your own. I could talk and talk about how harmful music piracy is to the industry. Bottom line is:    Don't steal music. 

  • HackTheGibson

    "It DOES hurt musicians and the quality of music. "
    Can you support this? Everything out there shows that piracy actually increases sales so helping artist.

  • James A

    Anyone that has anything to say in support of the Feds has broken the law before. that one song you downloaded on Music Junk...that one torrent..that one stream. If you want to punish someone for breaking the law, then punish someONE. If you have a city with a 25% criminal rate you don't fucking fire and forget and nuke the whole place. Justice should be enforced to a person, not to a community, not to a group, not to a nation. MegaUpload was just a canvas that someone put graffiti on. Just take it off and pop that tampon straight in, and you'll be okay.

  • 'Anyone that has anything to say in support of the feds is guilty of breaking a law before' 

    Logical fallacy 

  • Remind me again ... what did they need SOPA/PIPA for?  Looks to me like they can take down any site they want already.

  • Right now, they can  start the legal prosecution against anyone who distributes illegal data on the territory of USA.  SOPA/PIPA gives them right to take any site down whenever they want it, without prosecution.

  • Really?  Overwhelming support of Anon from the comments?

    Whatever happened to respect to IP rights?  MegaUploader "MIGHT" have some legit traffics, but the vast majority of its users are using it to infringe upon IP holders' rights.  

    I would be happy if Anonymous could protest SOPA in meaningful ways. But vandalizing websites in protest of the Feds shutting down MegaUploader is just proving that the Anon folks are NOT in this for freedom of speech. They are in this for freedom of piracy.

  • Rob Larsen

    "Really?  Overwhelming support of Anon from the comments?"

    People stating the opinions they hold as free speech on the internet in AMERICA? BLASPHEMY.

    happened to respect to IP rights?  MegaUploader "MIGHT" have some legit
    traffics, but the vast majority of its users are using it to infringe
    upon IP holders' rights."

    Nice use of sources, direct facts, numbers, statistics, etc. Instead of citing actual numbers you make a blanket statement under the term "vast majority" assuming that you, personally, know the usage habits of an entire internet community. Very congressional of you.

    "I would be happy if Anonymous could
    protest SOPA in meaningful ways. But vandalizing websites in protest of
    the Feds shutting down MegaUploader is just proving that the Anon folks
    are NOT in this for freedom of speech. They are in this for freedom of

    False conclusion, you're stating that you personally know the opinions for why they did such a thing. You also use the nice buzzword "proves," again, holding your opinion as more valid then any other opinion, as you don't state any fact yet you feel free enough to drop the word "proves"

    When making arguments, even outrageous online arguments, you should learns a few fundamentals of debate. You should be less HI IM GLENN BECK THE WORLD AS YOU KNOW IT IS COMING TO AN END TOMORROW BECAUSE A TEENAGER GOT PREGNANT and more, well, anything.

    How about some facts, information, or anything else that adds to the argument? You're doing the same thing the US Congress is, rushing to conclusions and assuming that you know everything in your heart is fact, making everything you assume right, and adding nothing to the actual conversation.

  • Well put man. People seem to forget that music piracy is ruining the industry. Why else would we have Jonas and Miley at the top of the charts? The pre teen demographic is the only one selling records right now, and that's because they are the only demographic that is PAYING for music. Back in the day, Pink floyd had to create five albums before Dark Side, something that just wouldn't fly today. Artists aren't nurtured, and the piracy aspect is taking a SEVERE toll on the QUALITY of music. 

    Digital recording cost a lot of money and time to create. I went to an Audio Engineering school and have played piano a few hours a day for 15 years. I have NOTHING to show for it, yet I still work hard at it, knowing that most of my hard work in both Audio Engineering AND music composition will be LITERALLY STOLEN from my via torrent sites. 

    Music artists will become increasingly miserable and low quality, and the music industry will fail because of all this piracy.

    You like music? PAY FOR IT. You like food? There isn't an uproar about people thinking they are 'entitled' to free food because they need it. NEED DOESN'T MEAN YOU SHOULD GET SOMETHING. Wanting something for free doesn't mean you should get it for free, and there are people who work their asses off for this product. 

    SOPA and PIPA were terrible written, but that doesn't mean someone has to take a pro piracy stance. 

  • tomfoolerous

    Capitalizing words mid-sentence doesn't emphasize words so much as make you look like a douche, just letting you know. Also, don't worry about people stealing your stuff. The chances of you becoming famous enough for people to demand it is astronomical as is.

  • Thanks for the heads up. I'll be sure to ask you what else looks douchey, as you seem to be the expert. 

    I agree that the chances of me making it are very very low, but that doesn't make it right to steal an artists music, just because they aren't me. That isn't rationalization for music piracy, that's just you telling me the odds. 

    Morally speaking, it is not right to take someone else's hard work without paying- whether its food, money, or intellectual property. When we talk about morals, I'm not exactly just standing up for 'my own stuff.' I'm talking about ideals, and the morals behind the act of theft and piracy, including intellectual property.

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