Eye Candy: The World In A Drop Of Water (Plus Bonus Spider Man & Batman!)

January 18, 2012


German Photographer Marcus Reugels takes pictures of water droplets refracting an image of a planet behind them, making them each appear to contain a lil world (prior: MC Escher droplet). Aaaaaaah, we're all gonna drown! Just kidding, but this does remind me of that cat in Men In Black that carries a whole galaxy around on its collar. Marcus sells prints of his work on his website and also takes requests in case you've got something special in mind. "I'm gonna get one of my penis!" Ha, I said special. BURN! Your girlfriend agrees though is the thing.

Hit the jump for several more earths, a moon, Jupiter, Spider Man and Batman and a picture of his setup.








Marcus' Website (currently down)
Flickr Gallery
Miniature Liquid Worlds by Markus Reugels [thisiscollosal]

Thanks to Amanda, one of those tipsters that likes to leave things on Geekologie's Facebook wall and make me work for my carrot.

  • Guest

    padadadada baaaaatmaaan.
    This owns ^^

  • amazing...spiderman

  • Pretty awesome. Amazing at what you can do with just a drop of water.

  • Soylent Green Is People

    That is pretty fucking badass.

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