"Experts": Without A Doubt There Is No G-Spot

January 20, 2012


The female g-spot: much like a fountain of youth or an all-you-can-eat buffet where the other patrons aren't so fat that you're too disgusted to eat, men have spent centuries trying to find one. And now penis doctor urologist Amichai Kilchevsky adds his two cents to the growing amount of skepticism about a mythical come-button.

Based on a review of 96 published studies, an Israeli and American research team came to one conclusion.

"Without a doubt, a discreet anatomic entity called the G-spot does not exist," said Dr. Amichai Kilchevsky, a urology resident at Yale-New Haven Hospital in Connecticut, and lead author of the review, published Jan. 12 in the Journal of Sexual Medicine.

Kilchevsky conceded the work is not "1,000 percent conclusive," allowing that other scientists could one day find something his team missed. But they would need new technology to do it, he said.

AHAHHAHAHAHHAHAHAHA!! Sorry Amichai, but anybody calling themselves a doctor who uses phrases like "1,000 percent conclusive" can't be trusted. Sucks too because I was really hoping there wasn't a g-spot. Oh well, looks like it's back to studying the vagina map my friend drew for me in middle school. Now if my calculations are correct, then this X should mark the spot. "Your maps upside down." So.... "So that would be her b-hole." b-hole, g-spot -- I think I'm getting warmer!

G-Spot Does Not Exist, 'Without A Doubt,' Say Researchers [huffingtonpost]

Thanks to PYY, who doesn't care if there's a g-spot or not just so long as she can...you know -- O_O

  • yeah what the hell, it absolutly does exist, why r there people out there trying to disprove this fact. Im sure they could be doing something better with their lives. G-spot = the female prostate becomes engorged with stimulation, which is absorbing fluid, with enough pressure after enough stimulation the fluid from the prostate is pushed out through the urethra. Thus the g-spot orgasm.

    Please please find something better to do with your lives then to disprove the g-spot. Hurray for less than useless people.

  • i think we should figure out first what is the female orgasm. a real female orgasm is as same as males, women also have about 10 seconds shudder of climax, and have the refractory period after every orgasm, women never can have the multiple orgasm.

  • FAKE!!!!

    This is a complete photoshop job. You can tell its a fake because the shadow's are all wrong.

    This is exactly like that scene in the movie Never Back Down where Max made a plaster cast of the inside of Baja's vagina and painted the G Spot orange.

  • More testing for the G-Spot is required.... so ladies, who wants to contribute to scientific knowledge?

    *Puts on his robe and wizard cap*

  • gingerwafflesandbeer

    So, as far as I know, urologists aren't G-Spot doctors. They may study the G-Spot insofar as people suspect it's a female prostate, but it seems like the G-Spot would be more in the realm of a gynecologist or urogynecologist.  Then again, I'm hardly an expert (though I work for one!).

    tl;dr: sounds like someone needed a scientific explanation for his girlfriends' disappointments in bed. 

  • KLanD

    "Experts" Without a doubt... have obviously never been with a woman.

  • I suggest that MEN stop trying to say something doesn't exist on a female body. Just because you can't find it or please a woman in such a way that you will know it has been found, doesn't mean it doesn't exist. Get a penis pump and try again, dumbasses. 

  • jotish

    G-Spot is just theoretical assumption. 

  • who cares if it exists or not? as long as she comes back for more, you must be doing something right.
    and on another note, i just want to say to whomever writes and creates this page, i think you are by far one of the funniest people i've ever had the pleasure of......reading?  i think we would get a long quite splendidly. haha. :)


  • babamonkey

    geeks fighting over who knows more about vaginas, this couldnt be more funny

  • babamonkey

    what a load of crap. this has been going around the web for the past few days, g-spot does exist as does the O-spot.

    its bullshit that as soon as you press the g-spot its a instant orgasm. but there is a point not dissimilar to the male prostate within fingers reach inside the vagina

    my wife and all my exs would certainly profess to its existence

  • I recently watched a Science channel special on the anatomy of sex with my wife, and their finding was right where the G-spot is said to be was the internal portion of the nerve bundle for the Clitoris. so I question these "experts"

  • UncleAndyB

    The Science Channel produced a special about sex with your wife?

  • I see what you did there

  • Given how much peer-reviewed research these days seems to get through with falsified data, I'll continue to search on my own, thank you very much.

  • MV17

    I've watched (plenty) of porn movie and it looks to me like every woman that squirts does it the same way. Massage the top of the vag a few inches in, exactly where the G-Spot is supposed to me. Whether it's actually a 'spot' or not doesn't matter, that area is more sensitive than the rest of the minge.

  • HAHA you know it's sound advice when it starts with "I've watched plenty of porn"

  • cecy medina


  • The one thing that team missed finding was the G-spot. Am i right?

    G spot exists [Insert brag about finding it through sex with girls], It has been documented. This is just a bunch of peeved off guys trying to make up reasons for their inadequacy and allow propagation of patriarchal thoughts on women not being allowed to enjoy sex.

    Unless its consensual kink i don't think any one person should be controlling another person's sex.

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