Disney Princes As Men's Magazine Cover Models

January 24, 2012


This is a gallery of well-shopped men's magazine covers featuring Disney princes from artist Petite Tiaras (previously: princesses as fashion magazine models). Although they're not ALL men's magazines because there's a TIME and National Geographic at the end. Do men even buy magazines anymore? The last time I bought one was at the airport and only because my computer's battery was dead the cover said there were weight-loss secrets inside. SPOILER: diet and exercise.

Hit the jump for a whole bunch more.









Petite Tiara's Tumblr
Male Cartoon Covers [trendhunter]

Thanks to Princess Yum-Yum, far fairer than Snow White and with a prettier singing voice than Ariel. *faints*

  • The Secretary

    Ferdinand? I didn't know the prince from Snow White had a name. o.o

  • lorobird

    "Prince Philip: It Keeps Getting Better - Well after all this is the 14 century"


  • Hah, I have the same size feet as cinderella.  :]  I'm still forever alone though.

  • Is it me, or all the Disney Princes just so damn sissy looking?

  • Guest

    Jup sissies!

  • JimmyThr

    Aladdin's one is racist...or am I the only one that made the Prince of Persia connection

  • MDB

    How about they're all allusions to the movie?

  • These look way better than the princess mags they did.

  • tarotdona

    psh fake!!!
    Hercules wasn't a prince.

  • I  think these days men buy Loaded, Front, Nuts and Zoo.
    They don't have big photos of men on them.

  • Eric Stodolnik

    i hate these

  • in israel there are at least two men magazines - one is called auto, and most of its topics are cars, the other is blazer, and its topics are also cars, female models, sports, and other stuff that i find them boring.... at least their jokes are ok...

  • Totally shopped. So fake.

  • 69sofine

    Pretty good I guess.

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