Custom Indiana Jones Themed Engagement Ring

January 23, 2012


Reddit user Homerliwag designed this custom Indiana Jones themed engagement ring for his own Marion, because she loves the movies so much. The ring itself resembles Indy's coiled whip, and the stone the golden idol. Was it cheaper than a traditional diamond engagement ring? No clue, but that was pretty clever of him if it was. That gives me an idea...

Geekologie Writer: Will you marry me?
Girlfriend: ...This is a Nerd Rope necklace with a Ring Pop pendant.
Geekologie Writer: I know, you love candy.
Girlfriend: Yes -- my answer's yes!

Hit the jump for several more shot including a design schematic.




Indiana Jones Engagement Ring of the Day []

Thanks to Erica K. and Mark, who agree every aspect of a marriage will soon have to be themed to the point where you're not sure if you're getting married or just throwing a party anymore.

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