Coolest Thing From The Consumer Electronics Show

January 14, 2012



This was the coolest thing on display at the recent Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. Granted I didn't go, but I showed this video (and ONLY this video. Okay, plus a cat one) to a couple friends and they agreed. It's a smart window from Samsung -- basically a one-way window (people on the other side can't see in) with a full-pane electronic touchscreen display where you can display info, roam the internet, watch adult films, etc., etc. It can even turn into virtual blinds!!!!!1 Just watch the video. The future, ladies and gentlemen -- it's really almost here!

Hit the jump for the worthwhile video. I know I'm a crappy describer but it really is pretty cool.


Thanks to lilco, who once watched a guy pick his teeth for two minutes straight in a mirrored window not realizing there people on the other side. OMG -- what an idiot!

  • megan stuberg

    Wow. It's a computer screen with a shitty desktop background of the alley behind my apartment... that I have to stand in front of my window to use. I'm sorry, what is the point of technology like this again? To FEEL like we're in the future? Will we feel like we're in minority report? Yea. Is it a practical improvement on existing technology? Does it make using the technology easier or more mobile? Is it even significantly cooler than already available to purchase touch screen pcs? Nope. 
    I'll take notice when we have those sweet ass holographic, interactive screens from Iron Man... on my phone... or compact jet packs... or teleporters.  

  • Guest

    So can this window run Windows?

  • dial 113

  • JimmyThr

    Am I the only one that thinks GW died. or something

  • an0ma1y

     I had the same thought.  Or maybe GW's lying in a pool of vomit after the hardcore MLK celebration?

  • What happens when the blinds fail to wind down when you are doing something, ahem confidential?

  • Devin Bray

    :50 at the end she tries to select the third thing and it selects the second thing. what a piece of shit! 

  • FreemanNGT

    As long as they don't force us to watch a stupid commercial for 30 seconds before we can look out of the window!

  • That would undoubtedly cause me to throw something equally expensive through it.

  • FreemanNGT


  • the only passable commercial since i was 10

  • Dom Barlow

    Anyone see Charlie Brooker's Black Mirror? In episode 2 pretty much everyone had these combined with Kinnects on their walls, and it was pretty damn annoying. Call me old fashioned, but I prefer normal windows on my home. Or possibly that smart glass that frosts at a moments notice. This, however, just seems excessive.

  • SO what OS will run our Windows? 

  • cant see what your looking at. its transparent.

  • babamonkey

    as cool and futurist this is, just how much power does it use? am i the only one who sees the price of utility's is going to affect the adoption of new tech like this. and just how much time are you going to spend hanging about your virtual window checking twitter when you could just check it on your phone/tablet....

  • Ryan Sizemore

    she meant total recall not minotity report i bet she feels like a horse's ass.

  • Slurm_Cola

    Usually don't see you guys posting on weekends... Is this story worth it?

  • berisford

    tom  cruise!

  • that would be a fun thing to do to rich people, throw a rock threw it!
    also if you put your face up to a one way mirror, you can see threw it

  • will it come with a camera and also have a zoom feature? Oh, the possibilities!!

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