Conceptual e-Urinal Tests Your Piss, Reports Health

January 9, 2012


THe e-Urinal is a terribly named conceptual pisser by Royce Zhang that has sensors capable of measuring your body's most important health acronyms like PH/SG/URO/BLO/WBC/PRO/GLI/BIL/KET. Granted I have no clue what any of those are, or if it's even possible to measure them measure them that fast, I'm just a man who is like, waaaaaaaay into urinals. *waiting for diagnosis* "CRITICAL HEALTH WARNING: YOUR URINE IS 85% VOMIT." Woopsie daisy! *peeing on floor*

Hit the jump for a couple more renderings of the urine luck and might not have to pee in a cup this time.



What's Your Pee Telling You?! [behance]
E-Urinal For Monitoring Your Pee's Health [incrediblethings]

Thanks to chichi, who tried to convince me a sex a day keeps the doctor away. Now that, that I can get behind -- NEKKID.

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