I Love Penfold!: Fan's 'Danger Mouse' Movie Poster

January 9, 2012


This is a conceptual Danger Mouse movie poster created by Geekologie Reader and DeviantARTist Daz Tibbles (NOT Tigo Bitties). Danger Mouse will always hold a special place in my coal-black, crusty-ass heart because my brother and I used to watch the shit out of it growing up. I even got Frank the complete series on DVD a couple years back for a birthday present. But maybe you've never seen it. Maybe you've never lived. Maybe you're just a corn-husk of a person WAITING TO GET SHUCKED. "I don't even know what that means." Me neither, but there was an episode with an evil alien named Fangboner. It changed my life forever.

Daz Tibbles' DeviantART (with even more Danger Mouse art)

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