Clever, Veeery Clever: Legend Of Zelda License Plate

January 20, 2012


I see what you did there! I actually did something similar with the license plate on my Explorer -- tell me what you think. "...It says 'DORA THE'." Bwahahhahahahahha!! F*** I am so awesome.

My new custom plate :) [reddit]
Acura Legend of Zelda [tosh.0]

Thanks to Macky, who got a custom '& BEYOND' plate for his Infiniti (I could do this all day).

  • Amanda


  • You know this cat bought a Legend JUST to do this.  Hey.. I ain't mad at him!

  • Steve C

    What would make this even better is if they swapped out their Acura badge with a Triforce!

  • very cool, whoever did that must be awesome.

  • Henry Leskinen


  • rangerjen

    A Honda fit with the plate "2BTied"

  • Guest

    I would get one that says "NUMBER". In case...I'm being tracked.

  • Ryan Grennan

    When he trades in his car we can look forward to a sequel, let's hope for one of the following.
    Amigo of Zelda
    Escort of Zelda
    Conquest of Zelda
    Luv of Zelda
    Probe of Zelda
    Rendezvous of Zelda

  • Jacques-André Langelier

    i wonder if customizing your plate number is affordable. I've seen a picture of a plate once saying "I SWA LO" lol

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