Cartoon Couture: Disney Fashion Princesses

January 27, 2012


Man I am LOOPY. This is a set of fashion Disney princesses (sans Anastasia!) by deviantARTist viria13. Now a lot of people have absolutely nothing better to do have taken the time to write and ask what the hell's up with my obsession with Disney princesses. Well I'll tell you. You know how your parents had two sons but your mom was really hoping for a girl so she dressed the younger one up in dresses and taught him how to act like a sassy little lady? That's me. I am that sassy little lady.

Hit the jump for another set.


varia13's DeviantART
Hipster Disney Princesses [buzzfeed]

Thanks to bb, a sassy little lady herself. OMG, wanna be BFFs?!

  • linda_famularcano

    Anastasia isn't Disney... It's Fox Animation Studios x

  • Katherine

    the second set seem more original than the first

  • GonnaStandThereAndHearMeRawr!

    Awesome but Ariel looks kind of trashy :(

  • Milan looks pretty nice

  • Guest

    Geekologie's comments section has been invaded by teeny bopper fuckos

  • Haha, GW totally just put Anastasia on there to see who would comment on it.

  • I like the artwork and the styles aren't too bad either.

  • Kittie Peters

    Not a fan. WAY too hipster. Gross. I bet they all have pit hair and stand outside small-business cafes with petitions for ridiculous things in countries we've never heard of.

  • Please donate your food to these princesses before they drop dead.

  • Guest

    When did all these losers start reading geekologie?  Where are the fanboys, geeks and otherwise socially withdrawn trolls?  They've been replaced by know-it-all teeny boppers.

    Also I'd bang Snow White for realz

  • Guest


  • Taylor Foster

    who the hell is Tiana??

  • Guest

    From "The Princess and the Frog".

  • Hanadulset

    the art isn't bad but the concept is whack. hipster disney princess?

  • These are so cute!

  • Guest

    pocahontas is such a babe

  • lorobird

    belle looks awesome! anastasia too!

  • Did I some how miss a disney movie? Who is Kida?

  • atlantis :)

  • Kida is from Disney's Atlantis.

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