Capcom Opens Capcom Themed Bar/Restaurant

January 18, 2012


Seen here looking suspiciously like dog food nuggets held together with blood (my favorite!), several of the video game themed offerings from Cap-Bar, Capcom's soon-to-open bar in Shinjuku, Tokyo, have been revealed. The bar will feature new game demo kiosks, merchandise for sale, and booze. Some other dishes on the menu? Hold on to your palate!:

- Ace Attorney pasta and rice

- Monster Hunter allaculte and meat
- Devil Kings salad and soup

AHAHAHHAHAHAHHA! None of those have ANYTHING to do with video games except for the title. It's like me trying to sell Geekologie sandwiches. "What about it makes it so Geekologie?" Oh you know, just the name... "Mmmm, this actually really good!" I made it after going to the bathroom and not washing my hands. Just kidding! *continue eating* I did spit in it though.

Hit the jump for questionable shots of the other three (although the meat does remind me of the bait you have to give the hungry Goriya in the Legend of Zelda for him to let you pass).




Brains for lunch: Capcom's Japanese bar menu revealed, kind of [joystiq]

Thanks to Jackie, who doesn't eat brains because she heard they can give you mad cow disease. Pffffffft -- that's a lie. Cooties and rabies, absolutely.

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