Burn Nature To The Ground!: The 'Venom' Caterpillar

January 31, 2012


Because Mother Nature may in fact be an evil sorceress and not the unshaven, tree-loving, weed smoking hippie-woman we've all imagined, here's an actual shot of a Brahmin-moth caterpillar taken by biochemist/photographer Igor Siwanowicz. WHAT. THE. F***? Why does it have all those freaky doo-dads? Will it kill you if you touch it? Where's Spiderman when you need him? Please don't say banging Mary Jane, please don't say banging Mary Jane. "Banging Mary Jane." GAAAAAH -- and I was just about to ask her out to coffee!

Caterpillar vs. Venom of the Day [geeks.thedailywh.at]

Thanks to Mark, who once ate a Spiderman caterpillar and can now piss silk but only after midnight and never with another guy peeping over the urinal divider.

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  • RDarker

    That shit is BAWS. It's all "Come at me bro!" If it's a caterpillar, what kind of moth does it turn into? Proly a fuhkin fire breathing, acid spitting, death coated Doomfly with spots that resemble dead babies that's what.

  • wad

    I was just done playing Resident Evil 3D and though; well... what awesome posts could be on Geekology.

    This scared the living shitzles out of me...

  • Guest

    I bet this fella has no predators.

  • Alright, who gave Tim Burton access to the gene splicer?

  • n_a_a_s

    awesome, love it!

  • Damn nature you scary

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