Brotherly Love: A Semi-Heartwarming Gamestop Story

January 10, 2012


Two teenage brothers (~17 and 13) went to a Gamestop to pick out a game and controller for the younger one, who insisted he wanted a game with a female protagonist and a purple controller. Then the father comes in and is all, "Oh hell no you ain't getting that girly shit!" And that's when the Parenting purple participation ribbon recipient got PUT IN HIS PLACE by his oldest son. Oh snap, was this at the mall? I would've socked him with a big pretzel!

They picked out Mirror's Edge, and the little boy also chose a purple controller -- his favorite color.

Just as they were about to check out, their father came into the store and ordered the little boy to pick a "manlier" game with more guns, and put back the purple controller, or else he'd "whoop him."

The older brother stepped in, telling their dad, "It's my money, it's my gift to him, if it's what he wants I'm getting it for him, and if you're going to hit anyone for it, it's going to be me."

The dad backed down and left the store, and the big brother and GameStop manager Kristen comforted the young kid and told him there was nothing wrong with the stuff he picked out.

You know, it really breaks my heart to know there are such f***ing failure at life parents out there still pulling shit like this. I...really think I need to go have a conversation with this guy. A silent one. "You're not gonna say anything?" Not a single word. "Just kick him in the head?" Wearing nothing but high heels and women's panties.

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Dear Customer who stuck up for his little brother [sweetupndown] (from the employee who witnessed it)

Thanks to Josselyn, Mark, 0 v 0 and Katie, who agree there should be some sort of parenting test you have to take before having a child. Like a driving test, but way, WAY harder (I just saw the guy across the street take out both his trashcans trying to backout of the driveway).

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