Bogus Burgers: Fast Food False Advertising

January 26, 2012


This is a series of photos comparing fast food company's advertising shots to meals actually received in real life. SURPRISE!: they look nothing alike. Of course if you actually went to Burger King expecting to get something resembling the burger in the picture you obviously have a problem being honest with yourself. Like when you buy a pint of Ben & Jerry's at the grocery store and tell yourself you're only gonna eat half of it tonight. You always eat the whole thing, don't you? "No." DON'T YOU? "Yes." And? "And nothing." AND? "And a Snicker's Ice Cream Bar." AHAHAHAHAHA, I didn't actually know that but I'm not surprised.

Hit the jump for a whole bunch more including some tacos but it's mostly McDonald's and Burger King (SPOILER: The king is a LIAR).











Fast Food - Ads vs. Reality [alphaila]
Fast Food Advertising Versus Junk Food Reality [obviouswinner]

Thanks to Terry and Brittany, one drinks beer, one eats candy and ice cream.

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  • $115803099

    The reason the burger you get doesn't look anything like the one in the advertisement is because the one in the advertisement isn't real, it's a plastic toy replica.

  • Be honest, if the restaurants took the time to make the food look like the ads, you'd be complaining about the slow service. You can't have everything perfect. When you work in a fast food restaurant, customers want their food FAST.

  • This is true about fast food. They're all looked fresh and attractive for the viewers but in actual, you can see the difference.

  • eleanor wilkinson

    Were Burger King even trying?
    Looks distgusting! >M<

  • Try working at Burger King during the lunch rush and having to deal with rude customers and then see how hard YOU try.

  • I used to work at Taco Bell, so yeah I know about that taco. Lol

  • JJtoob

    Mcdonalds was the closest, but I try to avoid their food. The new chicken popcorn thingies are kinda good actually. Just people, please don't make this your usual diet... I recently heard of a little girl who was hospitalized and they found out she had been fed chicken mcnuggets for years as the only food in her diet....

  • The Jack in the Box tacos may not look like the advertisement but they taste pretty awesome. 

  • Those are gross and I want one.

  • all of the Big Macs I have ever ordered are pretty much identical to the adverts. Maybe slightly melted due to being cooked. I have never had burgers like the actuals here. I once got a burger from Burger King that seemed like it had been microwaved. The wrapper was stuck to the burger and cheese was everywhere.

  • Geigh

    How does one "fluff" a burger? Does it involve getting on one's knees?

  • Rad Chad

    That's how I do it.

  • If you don't know the actual size of the advertised burger, how can you compare it to the box height? Also the bottom of the scale is nowhere near where the bottom (centre) of the burger is.
    This article is just as dishonest as BK.

  • cuthbert51

    One problem with this article is that there is an inherant biased and bit of luck involved. For example, I eat Big Macs often (3 to 4 a week. And no, I'm not a fatass. Quite the opposite, to a dangerous level. And I can accept being blamed for having bad taste in food), and while they never look as advertised (and who would expect them to?), they frequently come a LOT closer to the one on this page.  The whole article hinges on the premise that there is an implication that the representative examples are an extremely accurate demonstration to what all people get served all over the world.

    I saw a segment in a show once on the making of food commercials. Actually was pretty interesting, even if unappetizing. Lots of glue, clear acrylics and spray-on paints. That being said...

    Who carse? When a Big Mac, and other foods, tastes as good as it does, I don't normally pay attention to either the ads or the what the real food looks like before eating it.

  • Rad Chad

    You, sir, are a disciple of empirical reason.

  • anni deer

    I have a theory that they pile all the ingredients onto the front of the burger. The back is empty. If you imagine that everything you see is everything you get, it's not so far off. ;)

  • bobjr94

    BK uses way to much mayo and junk, makes the buns soggy and they end up looking just like what this guy got.  The jack in the box taco look better than what I usually get, sauce pouring out one end with a big soggy grease spot in the middle. Big macs always fall apart too. Plain Mcd cheeseburgeers look pretty close to their pics usually but there not much on them.

  • Rocknrope

    I"m shocked that the McDonald's samples look the most attractive.  The Jack in the Box tacos look like scales scraped from a prehistoric fish.

  • Katrina Maria

    I just want to point out that you would not want to actually eat the food in their advertisements because it is most likely not real food. Photoshoots can be long and hot under bright lights and real food would not hold up very well (especially drinks and ice cream). The food in pictures are actually models. For example, the milk in the pictures of cereal bowls on your cereal boxes is actually glue. 

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