Boba On Board: Star Wars Family Car Decals

January 27, 2012


So I'm sick as all hell and the only reason there's anything on the site is because I managed to write the previous two articles last night knowing I was going to the doctor this morning. A shot (and finger) in the ass (he was very thorough) and two different kind of pills later here I am talking to my monitor. I'm gonna try today folks, but we'll see what happens. This is a set of Star Wars themed family car decals. There are 13 different dads, 9 moms, 11 children and 2 pets to choose from. Prices range from $2.75 (pets) and $4.75 (parents) and they were sent to me by tipster SharaSue, who had this to say:

I am the definition of a stay-at-home suburban soccer mom and have prided myself on staying away from some of the stereotypes. Until this. I placed my order today.

Wait -- soccer moms reading Geekologie? I must be fever dreaming. Quick, somebody hit me with their minivan and see if I wake up. *CRASH* Nope -- I do see the light though. I'm coming, Lord!

Hit the jump for all the different options and some bonus Indiana Jones ones.







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Thanks to SharaSue, who just blew my mind.

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