Bill Gates Is Better Than Batman, The Infographic

January 17, 2012


Note: Infographic is longer than my Christmas list, hit the jump to see the whole thing.

This is a giant infographic depicting everything Bill Gates has done with his fortune to help combat disease and make the world a better place. According to the statistics, he's helped save almost 6,000,000 lives by bringing vaccinations to children AND DONATED ALMOST HALF HIS $59-BILLION NET WORTH TO THE CAUSE. He...makes all the other rich people look like giant, greedy assholes (which they are). Now I'd like to THINK if I had that much money I'd be just as philanthropic, but God knows I'd wind up cloning dinosaurs and building a giant laser to blow up the sun.

Hit the jump for the whole thing.

microsoft infographic

Redefining Action Hero: Bill Gates is Better Than Batman [frugaldad]
Since 2007 Bill Gates has given away 48 percent of his net-worth for charity [inquisitr]

Thanks to lloyd, Scrapple and Jen, who claim they'd give half the money away if they won the lottery but you and I both know they'd just buy monster trucks.

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