Ah Yes, the Ol' Cat Facts Text Subscription Prank

January 26, 2012


Because kids are dumb as shit, Reddit user Frankyou's little cousin posted his new cell phone number on Facebook and told everyone he was bored. Unsurprisingly, he got trolled instead of receiving a bunch of naked pictures from girls. Weird how that works out, isn't it? Like getting fired instead of a promotion for Facebooking pictures of yourself doing drugs at a party.
Anybody hiring?

Purrfect Prank of the Day [thedailywh.at]

Thanks to Carmen, who agrees if you're gonna post your cell phone number at least do it on the stall door of a bar bathroom like a normal damn person.

  • Jon

    I want cat facts! 316-393-0020

  • The.cat.man

    122008.wix.com/catfacts is the web site where you can sign your frinds up for catfacts

  • Derrick

    FUck with my friend 4256791369

  • Cat Facts

    The thing that drives me nuts is the part where the victim tries to correct Cat Facts. No, it would not be "is a cat". It would be "the cat", referring to cat as a species. 

  • megan.fitz97

    Why would you tell a Cat Facts person that your favourite animal's a dog anyway! Haha love this!

  • Keith Brown

    Holy crap thats hilarious

  • Haha, pretty awesome

  • That's Great

  • @Bailie - If you're just a prank victim who, like me, never posted their number anywhere... I just got off the phone with AT&T. Fwd one of the texts to "7726" to report the spam and follow the prompts.  Then reply "BLOCK" to the Cat Facts sender. 

  • i haven't posted my phone number on anything and i just got a few of these texts today....what do i do?

  • william hicks

    LOL This is my Cousin Robert. I saw him post something on facebook today something of the sorts of he's now internet famus now that hes got his own post on Geekologie i'd have to agree with him!

  • Emmitt Morgans

    I love it how the pranked individual thinks that it should be "a cat" as opposed to "the cat"... what an idiot!

  • JBoneyBonesMcGee

    I suddenly starting getting texts from Mad Katz yesterday and I didn't post or sign up for any text service about anything.  It wouldn't stop, even when I replied with the cancel code.  It sent them every few minutes.  I had to call my cell service provider to block the number.  Is there anywhere to report them?

  • Monochromatyczny Wojownik

    haha, funny. But not as funny as Internet blackout and riots in major cities here in Poland... all because our prime minister signed ACTA...

  • Christina Smith

    Priceless! Totally made my day by a million years!

  • Guest

    ah I love evil online robots.

  • James Mcelroy

    That's awesome.

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