Dragon Thrashing: 'Epic Metal' Cover Of Skyrim Theme

January 13, 2012


Picture unrelated: White Witch of Narnia (kidding -- NOW STOP EMAILING ME).

This is an 'epic metal' cover of the main Skyrim theme by German metal band Equalibrium's guitarist/keyboardist René Berthiaume. Not gonna lie, it kinda got me pumped up about getting out there and laying some f***ing dragons. "You mean slaying?" What do you think? "Well, you don't have a sword or pants on so..." *wink*

Hit the jump for the music your mother warned you about.

Unrealitymag [unrealitymag] via Nerdbastards (picture)

Thanks to Andi and laurence w., who know better to shout at dragons because they both have friends who've been burninated.

  • Sorry. But this is far to fancy to be a real metal cover.
    Try this: http://www.youtube.com/watc...

  • MAN, Skyrim blows.  I'm not buying another ES game until they do Summerset.  Two vanilla games in a row = major disappointment.

  • Ashley Sylvester


  • Paul G Rigby

    Skyrim has officially replaced Star Wars as the most overused subject matter on Geekologie.

  • KnightOfTheSilverMoon

    That pic is just amazing. I mean wow. I would love to meet a girl like that.

  • ZeNord

    So maybe cover of Skyrim's theme. This has something "epic" about it, maybe, but not the best out there. Video editing is OK.
    For the music,  I love this one MUCHbetter:


  • Friggin' Awsome! Love Equilibrium and Geekologie!

  • First!

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