A New Low: iPad With Integrated Fleshlight Holder

January 23, 2012


Because men are constantly on the lookout for something that, if found by another human being, will forever brand them the saddest kind of pervert, somebody designed an iPad case with an integrated Fleshlight holder. For you innocent readers out there, a Fleshlight is a fake vagina. For you not so innocent readers, it's the thing you bought in multiple colors and textures. So yeah, you watch p0rn and pretend you're with the girl in the video or picture or whatever. Now my imagination is pretty good, but there is NO WAY my brain would ever let me pretend I was doing anything but having shameful, depressing sex with a $600 tablet and fake vagina. "I keep it real." My brain, ladies and gentlemen. Also, remind me to never borrow my friend Dave's iPad again. He told me it was a cupholder!

NSFW Fleshlipad: The FleshLight Holder iPad Case Concept of Digital Bliss [obviouswinner] NSFW
NSFW Designer's Site NSFW

Thanks to Yoog and Jordan, who agree this is not what Steve Jobs had in mind. Like, AT ALL.

  • They made this so you can watch porn and use the fleshlight at the same time but i guess it won't be satisfactory as the iPad screen will keep on moving.

  • p_shep

    Genius idea, frankly.

  • Mike C.

    I'm sure you bought two

  • Ed Fritz

    Steve Jobs blew it (sorry for the pun). He totally mismarketed this thing. He could have sold over 2 Billion (with a "B") in the first month with this add-on....Now, if they can only beef up the vibrator in the device you will have the ultimate sexual stimulator for both men and women. Call it the iBang!!!!

  • I think it should be chosen as the best accessory for iPads in last 5 years.

  • How do you clean it without short-circuiting it?

  • AaaronG

    Just remove the fleshy insert and wash it, I guess.

  • You can expect a children's version very soon 0_-

  • fleshlightcoupon

    Hahaha thats amazing, I wonder if they will start making them officially and if you can use the discount codes on them from 

  • Unsurprisingly, Ron Jeremy bought twenty and had to refund six because he gave them herpes.

  • Paul G Rigby


  • Matt Bowen

    you spend all your money on her, you think and talk about her all the time, you take her everywhere you go and show her to your friends. now finally your silicon girlfriend can satisfy all of your needs!

  • Did you guys know Hitler had love dolls crafted for his soldiers because of the threat of syphillis and other diseases?

    Yeah the idea was scrapped for obvious reasons, soldiers refused to carry them around.

    Same concept here. You gotta be kidding.

    Dang, bang a fatty. As a bonus, volume wise it's like having 3 girls in 1

  • Hilarious! But do they have something for the women? 

  • AaaronG

    An attachment called "Mr. Limpy".

  • Ninja_Cricket

    Same thing, you just use the fleshlight to hold your female toys.

  • good to know.

  • Dy7lan (the seven is silent)

    THis is going to inspire some freakishly disturbing apps.

  • insert to unlock

  • jpgcne

    Yes, the new BioMetric Scanner in the house

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