8-Year Old Juliet's First Hardcore Metal Song

January 19, 2012


This is 8-year old Juliet's first hardcore metal song about loving her dog and fish. Not necessarily your typical metal theme, but who cares, she killed it. Me? I just killed a little spider with the latest Game Informer, so kinda similar.

Hit the jump and PREPARE TO THRASH.


Thanks to mckinzzz and sham, who have both waved lighters at metal concerts and accidentally set people on fire before. F*** yeah! *sign of the horns*

  • The dude that produced this has talent. believe me. fuck off haters!

  • omg wtf " I <3 Phuket" shirt? cant say id let my daughter go viral in such a suggestively innapropriate shirt. srsly?  

  • as asif

    All the losers ragging on the 8 year old girl. Come on... grow up

  • disqus_c3ItWqyNqm

    aww cute!  A kid who's dad wrote her a crappy song and made her sing it.  That's sweet.

  • Jai Krisn Kumar

    I have hope for the future now...*sniff*

  • That is just soooooooooo cute.

  • Jadis

    kids should be kids. 
    Whatever happened to keeping kids innocent and singing "Wheels on the bus" in the traditional tune? If my kid did this at 8 I think I might have a heart attack. It's horrifying. 

  • Hayley Prychun Rodgers

    She is being a kid. She is singing about things she loves and jumping on a trampoline. For all we know her mom or dad is in a metal band and she is trying to be like them. It's cute, it would be horrifying if she were cursing or saying nasty things. This is just cute.

  • Jadis

    oh yes, adorable. Punching her stuffed animal in 'the pit' is just soo sweet. What do you think she'll be doing at 10?

  • Christopher Cruz

    Oh shut the fuck up.

  • Jadis

    I have as much right to state my opinion as you do to disagree with it. That's the point of being able to post stuff on pages like this, not to mention the Freedom of Speech.

  • Freaking adorable. That girls gonna kill it. Or possibly is already killing it.

  • is this Hit! Hit! Punch! Punch! ? cuz she sounds like she is


  • This is freakin' adorable. I like to moshpit with my stuffed animals too.

  • Ahahaha, I will take this over any teen pop on the market.

  • This_Update_Sucks


  • This made my day haha :)

  • More reason for birth control...

  • budfueledrocket

    yeah like your shitty ass-birth wasnt reason enough.... grow a fucking pair then punch yourself in it cause you're fucking worthless. that is all

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