2011 As A Single, Year-Long Pinhole Camera Exposure

January 3, 2012


Well folks, it's 2012. And what better way to celebrate the end of 2011 than with this year-long pinhole camera exposure of Toronto's skyline by Michael Chrisman? "I could think of a lot of things." LIKE? "I dunno, getting drunk and kissing a stranger on New Year's Eve?" Ha, you did that didn't you? "I did." And now you regret it, don't you? "I do." And how come? "She stole my wallet." LOL, and you thought she liked you. YOU ARE A CHUMP.

Year-long exposure of Toronto skyline produces 'dreamy' image [thestar]

Thanks to Lauren, who tried taking a year-long pinhole camera photo but her camera was torn to pieces by ducks because it still smelled like Quaker Oats.

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