So What If It's Scratched?: A Self-Healing iPhone Case

January 19, 2012


So apparently Nissan is getting into the iPhone case business after inventing a paint for its vehicles back in 2008 that "self-heals" after being scratched (video demo after the jump). Because God forbid your iPhone CASE gets a f***ing scratch in it. That -- that might just be the end of the world. *eye barrel-roll* Come on -- you starving kids in Africa know what I'm talking about! No? Just think I'm some sort of weird, fat demon? Oh.

Dubbed Scratch Shield, the polyrotaxane-based paint has been used on the company's Murano, 370Z, X-Trail and Infiniti vehicles. When gashed, the chemical structure reacts by changing back to its original shape, thus mending the damage.

Compatible with the iPhone 4 and 4S, the Scratch Shield case is constructed from ABS plastic and was developed in conjunction with the University of Tokyo and Advanced Softmaterials. In addition to its self-repairing properties, the gel-like paint offers a grippy surface instead of a slick glossy coating.

Nissan plans on manufacturing and shipping the case later this year if the demand is high enough, which it undoubtedly will be. People loooooooove expensive novelty products. Ooh ooh, watch -- I'll scratch my phone case and the scratch will disappear! GOD, JUST GET A CASE FOR YOUR CASE.

Hit the jump for a 30-minute time lapse of a car scratch repairing itself.

Nissan announces an iPhone case with self-healing paint [techspot]

Thanks to jediGK, who thought collecting scratches was the purpose of a phone case. HA -- joke's on you, buddy!

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