130-MPH Race Car Crash From The Inside

January 18, 2012


Your trunk and license plate: they're doing it wrong.

This is a video of some guy crashing his kit-car Cobra at 130MPH on a racetrack. He survived with only minor injuries to a knee and some bruised ribs. Pluuuuuus... "Plus what?" Admit it! "Admit what?" Admit you shit your pants too! "I didn't though!" *BRAAAAAAAAP, squirt* Oh shi-shi. "What the f***?!" See bro? Everybody does it -- now just admit it.

Hit the jump for the please keep your arms in the vehicle at all times.

This Is What a 130 MPH Race Car Crash Looks Like From the Inside [theblaze]

Thanks to Max, who agrees doing that many barrel rolls is only cool in Star Fox.

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