130-MPH Race Car Crash From The Inside

January 18, 2012


Your trunk and license plate: they're doing it wrong.

This is a video of some guy crashing his kit-car Cobra at 130MPH on a racetrack. He survived with only minor injuries to a knee and some bruised ribs. Pluuuuuus... "Plus what?" Admit it! "Admit what?" Admit you shit your pants too! "I didn't though!" *BRAAAAAAAAP, squirt* Oh shi-shi. "What the f***?!" See bro? Everybody does it -- now just admit it.

Hit the jump for the please keep your arms in the vehicle at all times.

This Is What a 130 MPH Race Car Crash Looks Like From the Inside [theblaze]

Thanks to Max, who agrees doing that many barrel rolls is only cool in Star Fox.

  • Marv Riley

    Whats funny is these cars were known for their issues with wrecking during races and yet here's some ass racing one.

  • John Mogol

    If there was a god to listen maybe this dumb ass would not have crashed in the first place or last place, more like DNF.  The guy in the BMW was going to the right speed for the turn.  Maybe this is why persons put up crosses at crash sites because jesus freaks can not drive.  

  • You can see his coke flying away at 1:20.

  • P S

    techalumni2k, I understand about hating religion, I do too, but at the same time...you come off just as bad as a crazy religion pusher...pushing your hate for it on others like they push religion on others. It is a saying "Thank god" just like "Oh, that's gay" used to be a saying before homosexual people called themselves that and now it's wrong to say. It used to mean lame, before that Gay used to mean happy. Anyways, think about your post. It's like someone hating Nazi's and goes to every website and tells people about the ones he's been to, just to tell them how wrong it is...in a sense you're keeping the hate/spreading the word...I didn't even notice the "pray" context to be religious...just like if I hit my knee I say, JESUS CHRIST! but he didn't actually hit my knee...

  • techalumni2k

    Whew, you about melted my brain.  Where to start?

    First off, you will do yourself a favor if you don't assume that everyone in the internet is full of hate.  I don't hate religion.  I just think that it is silly that some well-off guy takes his restored classic car for a 130mph drive, and then is surprised when it goes poorly, and then thanks gawrsh for bailing his reckless butt out.  Like I said, he should really be thanking the guy who comes to check on him, or as someone else said: his roll bar.

    Second, no.  "Gay" wasn't used to mean "lame" until after it became a synonym for "homosexual".  Bigoted homophobes picked it up as an insult at that point.  Before then, "gay" mean "merry and happy and joyful".  Now you know, and knowing is half the battle to ending hateful discrimination.

    I take your point about unintentional exclamations.  I was raised in America, so I may shout "jesus christ" if I hit my knee . . . my culture helped shape who I am, and language is sticky.  But there's a difference between shouting "thank god" and *editing it into your movie*.  I don't know about you, but I've never accidentally tripped and fallen and edited a movie.

    Well, there was that once.  And it was a critic's selection, but it didn't take the grand prize.  So, I discount your argument.

    Sorry if you think I'm being an ideological pusher.  But if your philosophical beliefs are so shallow that you can't deal with a question like, "why is god helping this guy, who is willfully engaging in dangerous pastimes, instead of the kid dying in a flood over yonder", then perhaps it is time to expand your viewpoint.  Counter me with a great christian thinker's writings, rather than, oddly, working gays and nazis into the conversation.

  • Sw33tLu

    I think its silly to be an atheist or what ever you are.. I am not going to entertain the thought that crap happens because God wants crap to happen with you. 

    Replying negatively does what??? Breed happiness!!?? Your comments were not in any positive way and was mocking others.... (cyberbully lol) He wasnt pushing his beliefs on you so why the comments? Because you are tired of someone believing??

    Freedom of speech goes beyond vocal chords my friend. Since you did grow up in America then you know anything expressed through art, music, vocal, written, & etc is protected..Going back to him editing that in there that is what the creator of the video was thinking or maybe he wanted to put that in there for personal benefit. What does it matter to you? Again you are just the angry troll and display it for everyone to see.

    Your message was more than "Why is God helping this guy" If you dont believe why are you trying to push your crap on everyone else reading...My bad you are enlighten and are far superior to everyone else that chooses to believe. My beliefs are not swayed by people like you I just like to discuss peoples hate or disrespect for someones belief. Again you have the right to say so and I cant stop you. If people would respect other peoples ideas, religion, and thoughts we would get rid of more hatred. Just because the President is black doesnt mean we have rid the problem of racism or any other type of hate. 

    If facts are wrong they need to be corrected....Science does not explain and instead places theory for ideas that have no grounds. Religion does not explain all and has may questions unanswered.

  • techalumni2k

    Whew, another rambling winner of a reply.

    "Science does not explain and instead places theory for ideas that have no grounds."

    Do what now?  I'm *assuming* that you're playing the evangelical "just a theory" card here, but your phrasing is so jumbled that I'm not sure.  But just in case, go look up "theory" in a dictionary, and try to guess which meaning a person might use in a casual conversation, and which meaning a scientist might use.

    Also, fun fact for you: Freedom of speech, in America, is a legal protection against the Government of the United States limiting your speech.  It is not protection against a private citizen disagreeing with you on the internet.

    And in case anyone was unclear...I thought it was a cool video, and I'm thrilled the guy lived.

  • Sw33tLu

    I meant science does not explain all..

    Freedom of speech is not only protected from government...its from anyone or oppressive behavior.

    Theory is not fact period. Even with collected data and tests it does not mean totally certainty. Einstein theory of relativity is still being questioned by scientists all over. Hawkings black whole theory is questionedby even himself later in life. I am not saying I don't believe in science.

    I do agree with you on one thing the video was pretty cool and that the guy survived.

  • techalumni2k

    "science does not explain all"

    No, but science has never *claimed* to explain all, and if science is wrong about something, there is at least a way to improve the situation.  Complaining about religion being wrong is a pretty good way to (at best) be socially shunned, or (at worst) burned at the stake.

    Not that I'm sure why you even brought this up.  I just said the dude was silly to thank gawd here.  You keep working other stuff into the conversation.

    "Freedom of speech is not only protected from government...its from anyone or oppressive behavior"

    Erm . . . no, sorry.  Paraphrasing the important part here:

     --- Congress shall make no law ... abridging the freedom of
    speech ... ---

    "Theory is not fact period."

    No one ever said it was.  Again, I'm not sure why you are even bringing this up, but, since you wanna bang the "dumb evangelical" drum...

    Some theories are so well-developed, that they effectively constitute facts.  Some are so well-developed, that only tiny little adjustments and addendum are needed.  Some are works in progress.  Isn't that neat , though?  Science can improve on its ideas.  It can better itself, improve our understanding of the world, via the action of humanity.

    Religions tend to give us one fat book, say, "this is it forever, and you'd better get in line, or else".  And who cares if you don't think that women should be stoned to death, or that slavery is immoral?  It's in the book.  Who cares if you have proof that the Earth orbits the Sun?  Too bad, it's in the book.  For that matter, who cares if you don't agree with the interpretation of the elders of your church?

    If you think that evolution isn't real (as I suspect you do), then do your own research.  Publish.  Prove it wrong.  We stand ready for you to enlighten us.  Religion...is not interested in your opinion, thankyouverymuch, as you are illustrating here so very ably.

  • Sw33tLu

    " Whew, another rambling winner of a reply"
    Looks like you won your own title my friend.

    I also did not claim that science knew all...My remark was to both beliefs among the world and science don't have all the answers....You want to single out science as if I was attacking it. If you are going to argue with me then stay on task. You like to bash on religion that is fine with me I personally dislike religion. I find that it likes to oppress people and causes them not to think for themselves... more on this later.

    Back to the freedom of speech...Your quote does not indicate that it protects it only from government. It states that they are not allowed to infringe upon it. Your argument is invalid and ignorant. I am going to give you an example one that has happen in real life. Person A makes an object of art a mason jar filled with urine and cross. He sends it to an art institute which displays it...Christian organizations begin protesting and art institute takes it off their shelf...Person A takes this to court stating that art is freedom of expression and it is and therefor should have the right to have this displayed....Person A WINS in court. He was not fighting the government for the right to display art but that his/her rights were being oppressed. Explain this if we were only protected by government only..YOU CANT.

    Ok going to theories now....You told me to look up theories in the dictionary.

     Theory 1 a belief, policy, or procedure proposed or followed as the basis of action, 2 a plausible or scientifically acceptable general principle or body of principles offered to explain phenomena. 

    They do not replace total true facts...There are still facts out there right?? Looks like you have your own dumb drum you beat on. Sure there are some very interesting theories that exist I choose not to believe all of them...Good for you that you do or do not. 

    Oh back to my favorite subject religions. I don't like religions listening and agreeing with someone without your own research seems so elementary. I read myself and gather my own opinions, my own interpretations, and my own beliefs. Imagine that concept..I dont depend on any elders, priests, or fathers... I make my own views and you should too. Instead of putting me into a cookie cutter religion common response you could of asked me a few questions instead of looking belligerent and ignorant.

    In  many of my responses I have tried to put both science and belief into an place where they can both exist. Matter of fact there are plenty of scientist that have Christian beliefs but would be hung if the science community found out Why??? Because science is not tolerant of beliefs. Way back when science and religion were one in the same. Should they have been I dont know....Should they be tolerant??? I think its the least they could both do.

  • shokalion

    This is why you don't take cars that have been built in somebody's garage up to 130mph.

  • techalumni2k

    Nice video, but uh....

    Couldn't god have prevented whatever widget was breaking from breaking in the first place, thus saving your sweet-ass car, in addition to your life?  Seems kind of shifty.  Like, I would think that it would have been easier to save that one part, than to try to save your life amidst that swirling mess of metal and gasoline.  So, he saved your life in the hardest way possible?  Just to remind you that he was in charge?  So that you would thank him in a YouTube video?

    Couldn't he have just asked you to sell the car and give the money to a church?  Or a charity?

    I dunno.  Doesn't really seem like a guy I would wanna thank.  Maybe thank the guy who ran over to you to make sure you were OK, and made sure that you didn't move around until you were sure you didn't have a spinal injury.

    Unless that guy rigged your car to crash.  In that case, that guy would be no better than god.

  • Sw33tLu

    Freedom of belief or lack there of....Dont like it dont watch....Probably coming from someone that says OMG. 

  • techalumni2k

    Eh, what?  Did I propose legislation outlawing his beliefs?

    *checks post*

    Nope, sure didn't.  I guess if you didn't like what I wrote, go back in time and don't read it, or something . . . if I understand your plan correctly?

    Now, if you'll excuse me, I need to go thank god for making my football team win instead of helping those babies that got shot by machine guns in Somalia.  Cheers!

  • Sw33tLu

    No you didn't... But the same rights that give you the ability to talk trash gives the same right to me. You are the one making negative comments..Its not my fault if you are uneducated in other peoples belief and mock them for believing. The world would be better if I respected you for what you believe and you the same. Bet you...you wont.

  • techalumni2k

    I'm uneducated in his beliefs?  How so?

  • Bob Dylan

    Wow...so fibreglass does bend into a wing! (sarcasm)

  • Neo_Armstrong

    I used to be a race car driver like you, then I took a car in the knee.

  • 'He survived with only minor injuries to a knee'

    Must had been an adventurer.

  • Phil Cliffe

    Forget god. Thank f00k for roll bars!

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