You're An Idiot: Dude Smashes 22 Beer Cans On Head

December 20, 2011


This is a sideways, butt-ass quality video of some bro trying to crush 22 beer cans in a row on his forehead. But not like, one hit and it's crushed -- oh no -- this dumb bastard beats himself with them like he's hammering a f***ing nail in concrete. He does do it though, but not before bloodying his head. It is an absolute MUST WATCH if you're into bros hurting themselves. I give it 65 out of 200 IQ points.

Hit the jump for the sixth year senior in training.


Thanks to Kevin, who knows what I like, and by God do I love watching some idiot bro hurting himself.

  • gandolf77

    next time try 23!!!!

  • Drinking it wasn't enough to kill his brain cells. 

  • Azariel_z

    lets try with 5  Beer cans from the 60's now...

  • ichimitch

    use bottles next time soft cock

  • I've been sitting here for five minutes trying to think of what to say, and I honestly have nothing..

  • Trevmo

    The guy filming clearly does not like the guy smashing. Reverse Psychology FTW!

  • Colton F

    Kind of looks like the rage quit guy from roosterteeth

  • Audwin Short

    R...O...F...L!!! Oh my, the only way this could have been ANY funnier is if he did a faceplant on the floor when he pauses on that last can.

    And those idiot friends!  You seriously don't need friends that will watch you die. Even Johnny Knoxville would have said "dude, that's enough" after the 7th can...

    By the way, Colecovision is the best console ever!...

  • GeekologieCommenter

    Next time, do it before they're empty.  Then don't have children...

  • mz001

    Ladies and gentlemen, the American education system in all its glory...

  • Well that was stupid of him.

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