Yeah He Did: Giant Eye Of Sauron Full Back Tattoo

December 23, 2011


This is a picture of a lady's husband (Dios mío -- he's MARRIED?!) with a giant Eye of Sauron covering his back. Think Avatar guy, but with Lord of the Rings. And as much fun as I want to make of him, you and I both know he's actually cool. VERY cool (it's me is the thing).

Picture on some message board

Thanks to Steve, who agrees a giant Eye of Sauron isn't the sort of thing a woman wants staring back at her during sex. "...How would she ever see that during sex?" Doggystyle with a strap-on.

  • yeah...It's very crazy, but cool. I have the Gate of Moria on my leg below.

  • Did anybody else notice that the Iris looks like Africa?

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  • Ziroc_Ironworks

    Looks like yer anus...

  • lothvamp

    At least, unlike Avatar guy, it's a complete, cohesive whole and the quality is decent.

  • mz001

    At least he didn't choose the real thing:

  • OMG he has a vagina on his back!!!

  • "Mangina!"

  • The_Teapot

    What scary-ass vaginas have you been looking at?

  • "...How would she ever see that during sex?" Doggystyle with a strap-on.

    Or, about half the poses in the Kama Sutra.

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