Wonderful: Robots Get Their Own Facebook

December 21, 2011


Because humans shouldn't be the only ones that get to share ultrasound pictures (your baby looks like a bean!) with their friends, somebody created a Facebook-y website for robots where they can share whatever sadness is going on in their pathetic existences. Sounds familiar! Geekologie Writer: No milk for my cereal, FML.

Being a robot just got a little bit more sociable, now that droids have their own social network. At MyRobots.com, which launched today, robot owners can sign-up their automatons, create profiles for them - even include a photo and a name - and then leave them to update their own status. This might be a simple temperature reading - or the results of a clever face-recognition algorithm.

But while Facebook is often criticised for emphasising the duller aspects of human life ("Bored. When can I go to the pub?" or "I need pizza") , the exchange of seemingly mundane status updates between robots ("I am overheating and need a rest" or "I am a vacuum cleaner and I am stuck") could make them a lot smarter.

Wait -- so Facebook for robots is actually making them smarter but Facebook for humans makes people f***ing retarded? Why do I get the feeling I'm getting the short end of the stick here? "That's not a stick -- it's a robot peener." SO COLD.

Facebook for robots helps droids get smarter [newscientist]

Thanks to Wilmersama, who I'm putting in charge of infiltrating the social network and collecting recon on what kinds of music these f***ers are listening to on Spotify.

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