What. The. F***?: The Man With 15,000 URL Tattoos

December 8, 2011


This is Pat Vaillacort. Pat is going for the world record of most website address tattoos and already has the URLs of over 15,000 sites on his back. But he's not stopping there (and why would he? It's not like they look like complete crappy shit!), oh no, he's going for 100,000. Remember kids: if you want a world record, your best bet is just doing something more than anyone else but requires zero talent. Aaaaaaaand that's as much fun as I can make of Pat because it's actually all for a good cause. A $35 donation gets the URL of your choice tattooed on Pat's back, with the proceeds going to Haiti and Somalia.

"I want to break a Guinness World Record, but more importantly, I want to help others. And this is my way of doing so," he said back then. People and businesses can pay $35 to have their URL tattooed on Pat's body and listed on his website, Back2thelight.com, with half the proceeds being donated to help the people of Haiti and Somalia.

Whoa whoa whoa -- only HALF the proceeds going to Haiti and Somalia? So you're looking to cash in $1.75-million yourself?! And to think for a second I almost felt bad for what I wrote before. LOL -- me, feeling bad. I can't feel anything, I don't have a heart! "Then what pumps your blood?"Rhythmically squeezing my peen. "You sure?" No but I'm afraid to stop!

Hit the jump for another shot and a link to Pat's website if you want to pay for Geekologie.com (although I really deserve one of the big logos in the middle).


Official Donation Site
Dude Tattoos Over 10,000 URLs on his Body with Hopes to Hit 100,000 [obviouswinner]

Thanks to Terry, who realized long ago it's not how many world records you have, it's how much time you were able to spend doing absolutely nothing that really matters.

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